We are honored to have served you over the last four years. While other units of government have struggled with debt, deficits, and the promise of higher taxes, Schaumburg Township has served as a model of fiscal responsibility—enacting balanced budgets, keeping Township levies low, and carrying no bond debt—all while serving a record number of residents.  We ask for your renewed support in the April 4, 2017 consolidated election.


Balanced Budgets. We balanced the Township budget every year and kept the Township levy low—saving property taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Enhanced Services. We responsibly enhanced transportation services for seniors, veterans, and the disabled and increased the size of the Township food pantry.

Strengthened Finances. Unlike other units of government, the Township exceeds a “healthy” pension funding ratio and maintains no outstanding bond debt.


Protecting Property Taxpayers.  We will keep the Township portion of your property tax bill low by continuing to demand efficiency and accountability from Township government.

Developing a Strategic Plan. We will develop a comprehensive strategic plan for the Township to identify ways to further enhance services—without increasing taxes.

Promoting Resident Engagement. We will work to promote resident engagement by extending time for public comment and creating a new online “efficiency portal” for residents to suggest ways to save money or improve services.